Ear Candling

Ear candling may also be called ear coning. It is an ancient alternative health practice that has been used by the indigenous peoples of Egypt, North America and Europe. It was originally developed to help the body eliminate blockages in the ears. The ear candles are made from 100% organic, unbleached cotton and pure beeswax which are then rolled into a cone leaving a hollow middle.

The ear candling procedure works by placing the smaller end of the candle into the ear (we use a pie-plate with a hole in it to avoid any of the candle burn off to fall onto people’s faces or hair and cover people’s hair/head with a towel). The larger end of the candle (furthest from the ear) is lit on fire and the flame is gradually cut of with scissors as it burns to avoid large amounts of smoke from filling the room.


Ear candling is meant to work by creating a vacuum that warms and draws out earwax and debris from the ear. Many clients have reported that the treatments have been helpful for them with headaches, tinnitus, restore hearing loss, feeling ill after flying on airplanes, water in the ears, plugged up during a cold or virus, and a general feeling of relaxation.
By eliminating toxins, bacteria, excess moisture and other blockages, many complaints can be relieved or eliminated.


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Ear Candling
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DISCLAIMER: research has shown that there is little evidence to support any benefits and that there are potential risks involved with candling, including burns to the ear or skin, obstruction of the ear canal due to candle wax and damage to the ear drum.


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