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Why Colonic Hydrotherapy?

You achieve the best results when there is a holistic approach to the body.
Addressing the root causes of issues is where the cure begins.

Welcome friends!

My name is Karen and I am here to let you know you have come to the right place.

At Health Positive, I will help you optimize your health and wellness routines. My services include colon hydrotherapy, customized vitamin infusions, and specialized coaching to cover various health concerns.

  • Registered Nurse with 18 years of patient care experience
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing from McMaster University
  • Diploma in Homeopathy from the Canadian College of Homeopathy
  • Certifications in Nutritional Counseling and Colon Hydrotherapy (12 years of experience)

Want to know more about Colon Hydrotherapy?

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Why Colonic Hydrotherapy?

At Health Positive we are completely committed to your comfort, safety, and well-being.
Our clients benefit from all our services and the list of reasons they seek out our services is long and varied.

Benefits of Colonic Hydrotherapy

  • ending chronic constipation and becoming regular
  • relieving the discomfort and pressure caused by gas
  • reducing seasonal/food allergy symptoms
  • eliminating parasites
  • removing mucous/candida

Vitality Source (Now Health Positive) offers a full range of Colon Hydrotherapy packages, that are competitive in the Toronto colonics marketplace along with a number of associated products and services.


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