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Live Blood Cell:

A live blood cell demonstration involves placing a drop of blood from your fingertip under a microscope that is connected to a TV screen monitor.

Observing the characteristics and activities of your cells and other elements provides a clear, graphic, live picture of your state of health. Pre-symptomatic imbalances can be spotted, and unhealthy outcomes prevented. The analyst supplies a summary of findings and recommendations for correcting imbalances and enhancing wellness and performance.

All tests performed by Mary Taylor; Certified for Capillary Punctures, Live Blood Cell Microscopist certified in Phase Contrast, Dark Field, and Dry Blood cell analysis.

Attention health food store owners/managers and Naturopathic clinic owners/managers:

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to introduce you to one of my services. As a supplier of natural foods/supplements, I am sure you are aware of the benefits that Live Blood Cell Microscopy can provide for your clients.

The analysis of living blood cells under a microscope will examine the quality of live blood at the cellular level, which offers your clients the ability to learn about their health, make better lifestyle choices and proper supplement choices which will enhance the sales of products and supplements that you already carry in your store.

The expansion of your services to include Live Cell Microscopy will also bring new prospects through your door through referrals, and word of mouth, and I will be posting your clinic dates on my website and promoting your events at every opportunity. You will be offering a service that is a recognized aspect of the health and wellness profession with little Investment of resources and limited monetary risk.

If we agree that this is a good fit for both of us, I will put together a proposal and master copies of the marketing announcement flyers and get them to you right away so that we can start this new partnership as soon as possible.

I thank you for your time and look forward to a profitable joint venture with you and your staff!


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