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In the live-cell microscopy procedure we are looking at the Shape of the cells, the size of the cells, what’s in them, what’s on them and what is floating around in the terrain? Based on what we see, we are able to talk about the indication of what we see and then make recommendations to help them improve their situation.
Q: What vitamin deficiencies can be tested for in these blood tests?
This type of blood test is not specifically designed to find vitamin deficiencies, but we can normally see B-12 deficiency and Low Iron from this test. This test is a nutritional type of tool that can assist you in making choices for supplements that will help improve your health.
Q: How does this compare to traditional lab blood tests?
With a live cell blood test, you can see the activity right in front of your eyes while it’s ALIVE. Doctors won’t sit there and do the test for people and then analyse what they see (they don’t want to take the time) when they draw blood and put it in a tube. With a traditional blood test, you don’t see the living cells.
Q: Can it tell me how well my liver is functioning? Can live blood cell testing tell me if I have liver disease?
We can see liver stress from this type of blood test
Q: Do I have to fast before the live blood cell tests?
Yes. You must fast for 3 hours before the test and drink lots of water
Q: Do I need a doctor's referral?
One of the advantages of this test is that there is no need to book an appointment with a doctor and make a case that OHIP should allow you to have blood work to be done
Q: What is the wait time to book an appointment?
Unlike the publicly funded medical system, there is no wait time for this private procedure. Just call or click to make an appointment
Q: Do I have to add the results of the live blood work tests to my medical records?
We can insure your privacy. If you do not want your doctor, OHIP, or a private insurance company to know then we will not disclose the results of the test. The observations made in the test are recorded in a hand-written format so there are no digital copies that can make it to a third party by electronic methods or risk of the computers with your medical history on it being hacked and leaked out.
Q: Does my insurance company need to know that I had private blood tests?
As we stated above this test is completely private and is only made known to these organizations if you ask for the information to be passed on

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