Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydrotherapy is a completely safe process that uses simple water to gently remove any accumulated fecal matter, mucus and sludge from the colon. This process is extremely effective.
This cleansing method has been around in one form or another since the days of ancient Egypt c1300 BC in the form of enemas that evolved into what we know today as Colon Hydrotherapy. When Mary Taylor experienced the personal benefits that healed her systemic candida and chronic allergies, she wanted to help others benefit from the procedure. Colonics are known to benefit people with issues such as; constipation, bloating, headaches, gas, bloating, allergies, IBS, weight loss halitosis and much more!

By introducing water into the colon with repeated gentle of flushing water, this helps to not only remove accumulated faecal matter but it also helps restore peristalsis to the colon. After several treatments, Colonics can help tone and reshape the colon leaving clients with not only a clean colon but stronger muscle tone and feeling re-energized, re-vitalized and noticing results. 

A series of colonic treatments enables clients to absorb proper nutrients, enjoy the pleasure of good elimination and feel rejuvenated, healthier and happier.
Colon Hydrotherapy Services
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At Vitality Source, this simple procedure is currently performed using the non-invasive “gravity system” which is the oldest form of colonic equipment. We will be installing the state-of-the-art “Aquanet 2000” equipment in the very near future giving clients choice.

Colon Irrigation is practised in a comfortable and sterile environment by inserting a speculum into the anus. The speculum gets inserted only a few inches into the rectum. There are two attachments to the speculum; one has an inlet tube for clean water and the second is the waste line. With gentle squeezing of the tube waste is removed from the colon. The client can see the contents being eliminated by a mirror that is strategically place on the ceiling. The process of cleansing the colon enables toxins to flow out of body and the process allows benefits such as regaining good bowel function, increased energy levels, reduced gas, headaches, relief from constipation and much more.

Most people feel nervous or uncomfortable when they initially arrive for their first treatment but regularly, I hear people say, “oh that wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”
A colonic hydrotherapy session consists of more than simply flushing the bowel. It involves a thorough, individual assessment and evaluation of the client’s symptoms, considering diet and environmental influences. Based on this information, the appropriate therapeutic procedures are discussed and executed. The goal of colonic treatments is to bring about efficient elimination of waste and the restoration of tissue and organ function. Recommendations are given and clients learn to be responsible for their own health.

A single colonic session is not a “quick fix.” When the client comes in the first time, we assess the situation taking into consideration what their issues are and what their goals are. With that in mind, we create a custom treatment plan that will address their specific needs. Most issues are best reduced or resolved with 6-8 sessions.


  • Conditions such as constipation, bloating, gas, diverticulitis, Irritable bowel syndrome, haemorrhoids, intestinal parasites and chronic diarrhoea respond well to colonic irrigation.
  • The general cleansing of the colon can also help reduce headaches, halitosis, skin problems (acne, eczema, and psoriasis), asthma, food allergies, fatigue, depression and systematic Candida.
  • Cleansing the colon also helps rebalance the alkaline-acid ratio in the body by allowing friendly bacteria to thrive, by simultaneously inhibiting the bad bacteria along with healthy supplementation of probiotics.

Another benefit of colon cleansing is that clients may experience significant weight loss. Weight loss will occur when client assumes responsibility for their well-being and becomes committed to the process.

DISCLAIMER: A colon therapist is not qualified to diagnose any illness – we are not registered health care professionals or medical professionals of any kind. We do not provide any information or program intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any illness or disease, and this service is not a tool for prevention, assessment, diagnosis, or treatment of any illness or disease of any kind. We do not treat, cure or prescribe.

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Colon Hydrotherapy Services
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