“Wow! I can’t believe that I finally got some relief from my severe acid reflux and gas that felt like it was coming from my upper stomach. I used to get temporary relief only when I vomited would it clear that horrible feeling that was coming from my stomach. Mary’s supplement recommendations made a world of difference! Thank you so much!”

Lucrecia Matthews – Scarborough


“I love the Vitality Source Studio.

It’s easy to go on and on and talk about how beautiful this studio is, because you don’t see
nice places like this very often in this industry. 
It’s comfortable and elegant at the same time. The studio is spotless and Mary adds special touches that made me feel great! Speaking as an industry professional and a Colon Hydrotherapist myself, I feel very comfortable and confident using Mary, more than anyone else.

I wish you all the best Mary. With love and support.”

Nadia Kotsos – Richmond Hill


I was curious about colon cleansing for some time and when I finally got the nerve to try it, I realized the various health benefits. After just a few sessions with Mary at Vitality Source, I’ve had more energy, become more regular. And…I am able to eat meals and be full without looking full! I actually look forward to and I can’t wait to continue my sessions!

Cristina Cristofaro – Toronto


I have suffered with mild constipation and high blood pressure for years. Always worried I would have a stroke or heart attack and with Mary’s food suggestions and colon cleanse program, my blood pressure actually DROPPED! I’m waiting for an appointment to go to the doctor and am curious to see if he will reduce my blood pressure pills. I’m regular and feel great. Thank you!

Teresa Ronco – Agincourt


I suffered from low back pain and constipation for most of my adult life. I really didn’t know what my poop was supposed to look like. After I did 3 colonics in one week, my lower back pain is GONE! I couldn’t believe the “stuff” that came out!!!! Ugh, I feel great!

Maria Grande – Newmarket


I originally looked into colonics because I wanted to lose some weight and get my stomach to be flat and that is how I met Mary. I have gained much more from colonics than weight loss. I have improved my eating habits and found out so much about food, vitamins and eating habits. I have improved my overall health and well-being as well as getting in the best shape I’ve ever been in. The studio is beautiful and very, very clean (this is coming from a clean freak) and Mary’s so great to hang around too!
Absolutely recommend this place!

Olga Maltzeva, North York


I am a 68 year-old retired electrician and I had digestion issues and pain in my legs and my jaw. Mary put me on a protocol and after one week, I noticed all of the pain in my legs from mid-thigh down and my Jaws has disappeared. I am astonished at the rapid disappearance of the pain and the increase of energy. My drive in from London was so worth it. Thank you!

Tom Hurley, London Ontario


You were so good with providing support during the most vulnerable moments. Such a great skill to have. I hope your business is doing well and you are healing people by the hour.

Dr. Jenny Jun


Everything was clean, modern and sterile. I had 10 colonics 1 of which was free because it was my birthday. During and after each session Mary asked me questions about my diet and use of supplements. I had amazing feelings of wellness after each session. My digestion was improved greatly, I lost weight and my stomach was flat for the first time in years. Thank you Mary for all your wonderful help and the delicious organic vegetables from your garden.

Dolores M.


I highly recommend Vitality Source Studio. My goal was to get rid of inflammation, cut sugar and salt cravings. This was my first time to have hydrotherapy and a live blood cell test. They gave me the advice I needed and the treatments were not uncomfortable or embarrassing. I was impressed with their professional approach and confidential services they provide. My health has improved tremendously and I look forward to

continuing my relationship with them.

Sandi George


Just wanted to thank you again for seeing me today and for the relief that your service offers. I will be able to sleep soundly tonight after a few sleepless nights.

 Christine Wong




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