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Expanding Opportunities

Boomers, and the Generation Xers who follow them, are driving the growth in alternative healthcare services. The modern, much improved, discomfort-free brand of Colonic Hydrotherapy composes a small but growing segment of that market. Today roughly 100 therapists are providing this service in about 40 clinics in Ontario, mostly in the major metropolitan centres. Career opportunities will continue to expand for colon therapists, especially those working in small operations in under-served areas.

Who is choosing Colon Therapy as a career?

Enthusiastic over the many health benefits of colon hydrotherapy, people with an existing background in health and healthcare and those who have received the treatment themselves are eager to spread “the word.” They enjoy supporting others on their journey towards improved well-being, and thrive in work environments that stimulate learning.

The Canadian School of Colon Hydrotherapy now offers a course for all those who wish to begin a career as a colon hydrotherapist. The thorough and detailed 4 day curriculum offers all the practical knowledge needed to take a client through a session of hydrotherapy. Students also learn about the history of colonics and its formative characters, the anatomy and function of the digestive system, and all the health products and protocols connected to the service. The course includes a minimum of two days of hands-on practice, first with each other, and then with actual clients. Best of all, the CSCH curriculum is the only one to offer instruction on all the aspects of opening your own clinic, and the marketing methods necessary to make it succeed. Whether you are seeking to create a supplementary income, or wish to start a practice of your own, CSCH can help you realize your dreams.

Instructor Mary Taylor

CSCH founder and instructor Mary Taylor is uniquely positioned to deliver this course to the highest of standards. She is the founder of the Canadian Association of Colon Therapists (CACT) and a professional public speaker with her fun topic “The Scoop on Poop”. Contrary to the industry norm, Vitality Source enjoyed an increase in revenue of 45% in its second year of operation. Click here to view the day-by-day course outline. For a more detailed outline of the entire course or to ask any questions you may contact us at: Contact us for more information.



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