How to Detect Parasites

LIVE BLOOD CELL ANALYSIS is a great way to detect the damage that has been done to the cells which occurs when “bacterial forms” in the blood. This gives an overview of the condition of your blood and can be carried out at Vitality Source Studio, so book your appointment today if you are experiencing any of the symptoms described above.

Live Blood Cell Analysis Toronto

What next?

We have already determined that your doctor will do little or nothing for the treatment of parasitic disease but there are several Parasite Cleanse kits on the market that work very well. Don’t forget that Fibre is very important when doing any cleanse as it will absorb the die-off, and remove it easily from your system giving less side-effects while cleansing.

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Pay attention to how you feel during a full moon – seriously! Make a note of when bloating starts? Does it happen around the full moon? Ever wonder why some people go loopy around the full moon? Some might think it’s crazy but parasites are ruled by the lunar schedule and the eggs hatch during a full moon so it’s important to schedule any cleanse kits around that cycle so that when you do the protocol of 7 days on, 5 days off and 7 days on, the 5 days off should be done during the full moon. As it’s important to let the eggs hatch and then hit the new-borns.

When dealing with an infestation of worms or other parasites, self-care can be as simple as keeping clean. Frequent bathing, cleaning clothes and bed clothes, wearing clean underclothing to bed, and checking for parasites are the best ways to deal with a parasitic disease. Washing hands frequently, especially after outdoor activities can help reduce the chances of a parasitic disease.


Parasites and intestinal bacteria produce toxins as their waste products can be absorbed into the body. Under normal circumstances a healthy individual can tolerate the toxins produced by bacteria and a few parasites. However, if the body’s toxin elimination systems are overloaded and there are a large number of parasites, this extra toxin load can then start to cause symptoms such as the ones mentioned earlier.