With 2016 well on its way, I decided to take on the Master Cleanse, a 10 day cleanse created by Stanley Burroughs in 1940, That’s a long time ago but guess what? It works on so many levels! It is designed to not only help you shed excess toxins and weight and completely hydrating the body, it helps you give your body a rest from all the crap we put in it that we really don’t need!


So here’s what I did…I stocked up on lemons, cayenne pepper and maple syrup. See my ten -day diary entry below detailing how I did.


DAY ONE: I began my morning with a laxative tea, following the instructions and measurements from the cleanse carefully. I have one cup of lemonade every 2 hours which is around 8 cups a day in total. This seems accurate given there is food still left in the stomach from the days before for the body to metabolise. Today, I feel apprehensive at the thought of the next ten days but also excited to see the results on my body. 


DAY TWO: Today I decided to do a sauna. This gave me a significant boost and helped rid my body of excess toxins. I plan to do this every-other-day in order to feel revitalised and rejuvenated… we’ll see. LOL! Tomorrow morning my body should have completed its transition into ketosis and will be burning excess body fat, old unused cells and unnecessary matter for energy – yeah!


DAY THREE: I woke with a thick white coating on my tongue – an obvious sign the detox is kicking in. YUCK! This for me was the most difficult day so far, which Stanley himself also relates to. Having been out and about in the city today, it was tough walking past the never ending sea of restaurants, bars and cafes. I could smell the grease from the fast food restaurants and although I don’t normally indulge, it smelled pretty darned good. Today I felt mentally and physically weak, as well as slightly nauseated, which is a common symptom of the cleanse and ultimately means the detox is working. I stay strong and power through, ending the day with a laxative tea which I will do every night before bed. 


DAY FOUR: Having weighed myself in the morning, this gave me the mental lift I needed. I’ve lost 4 pounds so far which equates to around a pound per day which is normal for this particular cleanse. In turn, I feel less bloated and lighter on my feet. Thank goodness the nausea’s gone.  


DAY FIVE: I felt very hungry this morning so guess what I had? You got it – more lemonade! Raised the intake from 8 cups to 10 cups – Yummy! 

DAY SIX: Having welcomed the 10 cups of lemonade from the day before, I felt determined and focused today, ready for the final days of the cleanse. My body feels clean and alive. But honestly, can’t wait to get this over with.


DAY SEVEN: I start my morning with a laxative tea and a day at an amazing spa with steam sauna, hot tub, cold tub, body scrub (was absolutely amazing!) and 5 dry saunas that were heavenly! And… tons of water!


DAY EIGHT: I weighed myself first thing this morning and am pleasantly surprised I am 9 pounds lighter altogether. The finish line is getting closer and I am excited at the prospect of solid foods. My tongue seems to be returning to its former shade of pink. 


DAY NINE: Oh no, I caved! I decided to start eating today – I drank unsweetened orange juice, weaning myself off the lemonade slowly. I then began to have soup with grilled vegetables as well as fruit salads.


DAY TEN: Didn’t last – I started to have smoothies, salads and veggies but guess what, I lasted 8 days and I feel GREAT! I invite you to join me – will you?  



If you want to try this phenomenal Master Cleanse, please visit the Master Cleanse Website. This important resource provides you with everything you need to get started, from simple, easy to follow instructions to a wealth of information to fill your hankering for knowledge. Once there, you will get all the details on how you can start your own cleanse. The 10-day process, additional ingredients you will need to assist your body, and how to ease-out of the cleanse Is all there. You’ll also be able to explore and purchase the following books that will be your faithful and reliable companions along your journey.

Wishing you health and fun in your health adventures!

Mary Taylor